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#Howewedoit Sarens installs the tallest wind turbines in Australia

Published by Sarens on 8 February 2019

#Howewedoit Sarens installs the tallest wind turbines in Australia

The tallest #WindTurbines in all of Australia can be found at the Sapphire Wind Farm in the town of Glen Innes, New South Wales. The phenomenal machines have towers 137m tall, and enormous 3.7MW generators. As well as being the tallest in Australia, Sapphire Wind Farm is also the highest capacity farm in New South Wales at an impressive 275MW! With 75 massive turbines in its arsenal, it has the capability to supply green energy to 115.000 homes.Construction posed various challenges to the Sarens team, in particular the terrain meant that initial construction of the crane was a careful and detailed operation. We decided to use the Liebherr LG 1750 SX, as it is one of the few #Cranes that met the requirements for both reach and lifting capacity. Once the soaring towers had been constructed, Sarens performed various 70T lifts taking components up the full height of the 137m towers, where the final building steps took shape.Sarens is passionate about exactly this type of project. We love being a part of these huge investments in green energy and the planet’s future, and we pledge our continued commitment and support to the #Renewable energy sector. #Wind



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