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Reported by RenewableUK on 15 March 2019

Wind generated more than one-third of electricity over the past week - more than any other source

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RenewableUK is highlighting that fact that Great Britain’s onshore and offshore wind farms have generated more electricity than any other source of power over the past seven days.

35.6% of our electricity was provided by wind, compared to 31.2% by gas, 21.3% by nuclear, 6.7% by biomass, 2.6% by coal, 1.8% by hydro and 0.8% from other sources, between Friday 8th and Thursday 14th March, according to data supplied by independent analysts Aurora Energy Research. Offshore wind alone generated 21.4% of our electricity last week – more than nuclear.  

The new generation figures come in the week following the agreement of an Offshore Wind Sector Deal between the Government and industry which will see the current 7,899 megawatts of offshore wind capacity in the UK grow to over 30,000MW by 2030.    

RenewableUK’s Deputy Chief Executive Emma Pinchbeck said: “We’ve had a very blustery week, and that’s good news because wind has outstripped every other power source. It’s further proof that wind is playing a central role in keeping Britain powered up at a chilly time of the year”.

“It’s also interesting to see that offshore wind outperformed nuclear this week – showing the way our modern energy mix is changing, with low-cost wind energy becoming the backbone of our clean energy system”.

“This comes just after last week’s announcement of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal, which will see our industry grow to support 27,000 highly-skilled jobs by 2030, and the UK’s offshore wind supply chain generating billions every year in exports, as well as providing more goods and services for offshore wind projects in UK waters”.

As a result of the high levels of power generated by clean wind energy, Electric Insights, a website which provides live data and analysis on Britain’s electricity, noted that carbon emissions from the power sector over the past week have been lower than usual for this time of year, at 157g CO2 per kilowatt hour. This compares to a target of 50-100g of CO2/kWh which will have to be achieved in the next decade to meet the UK’s carbon budgets.



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