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Reported by IdentiFlight International on 19 September 2018

Two IdentiFlight® Units Installed at Avangrid Renewables’ Southern California Wind Farm

Aerial Detection System monitoring avian activity at Manzana Wind Power Project

(Courtesy of IdentiFlight International, LLC)

IdentiFlight International announced today that two IdentiFlight® units have been installed at Avangrid Renewables’ Manzana Wind Power Project in Southern California for data collection and testing. Manzana is one of seven California wind farms in Avangrid Renewables’ U.S. fleet of more than 60 renewable energy projects. The IdentiFlight system blends artificial intelligence with the high-precision optical technology to detect protected avian species and protect them from collisions with rotating wind turbine blades.

“We are pleased to have the potential for this type of technology available as one of our tools for minimizing avian risk at operational facilities,” said Avangrid Renewables’ Dr. Laura Nagy, Director of Permitting and Environmental Affairs. “We look forward to completing an evaluation of the technology’s effectiveness in identifying golden eagles and potentially utilizing the results to further support our continued development of effective avian risk management strategies based on eagle behavior.”

“The wind industry has continuously pursued better tools to address the challenges of avian activity in wind farms,” said Tom Hiester, President of IdentiFlight International. “We developed IdentiFlight to address these concerns and promote the successful coexistence of avian wildlife and wind energy. We are excited to be working with Avangrid Renewables to further prove IdentiFlight’s application for avian conservation in a new environment with a new mix of species.”

This is IdentiFlight’s second west coast installation. Last May, two mobile IdentiFlight units were moved to a potential wind farm site in Washington State where they are being utilized to monitor and collect field data on eagle activity.

How IdentiFlight Works

Automatic detection and species determination occur within seconds for birds flying within a one kilometer hemisphere around an IdentiFlight tower. If an eagle’s speed and flight path indicate risk of collision, an alert is generated to shut down that specific wind turbine. By providing highly targeted, informed and objective curtailment decisions, unnecessary and costly interruptions are avoided and conservation of protected species is achieved.



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Health, Safety & Environment

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