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Reported by Eolus Vind on 9 January 2019

Swedish wind farm Anneberg completed and handed over to KGAL

(Courtesy of Eolus Vind AB)

Eolus has completed wind farm Anneberg in Tidaholm municipality in accordance with the time table set. All conditions for the completion of the transaction between Eolus and KGAL regarding the sale of the wind farm comprising 11 MW have been fulfilled and the buyer has taken over the facility.

In December 2017, Eolus signed an agreement with KGAL regarding the sale of wind farm Anneberg, comprising 3 Vestas V136 3.6 MW wind turbines, and the sale of wind farm Sötterfällan comprising 10 Vestas V136 3,6 MW wind turbines. The agreement was made public through a press release on December 22nd, 2017. All conditions for the fulfillment of the transaction regarding the turn key wind farm Anneberg have been met, payment have occurred and the buyer has taken over the facility. Anneberg is the first commissioned wind farm in Sweden with Vestas V136 wind turbines.

Eolus will deliver asset management services for the Anneberg wind farm as well as Sötterfällan when that wind farm is completed and handed over to KGAL in the summer of 2019.



Eolus Vind AB. Press release - Swedish wind farm Anneberg completed and handed over to KGAL. URL: [Date Accessed: 09/01/2019].

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