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Reported by RenewableUK on 26 October 2018

RenewableUK urges Chancellor to take three key steps for wind and marine power

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In the run-up to the Budget Speech on Monday, RenewableUK has made a submission to  the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, asking him to make three commitments to support the development of much-needed wind, wave and tidal energy projects.

RenewableUK’s Executive Director, Emma Pinchbeck, said:

”We’re urging the Chancellor to allow onshore wind to compete for Government-backed contracts to generate power. Onshore wind is now the cheapest source of power available in the UK. It saves consumers money over the lifetime of each new project.

“We’re also highlighting the case for a route to market for the UK’s world-leading wave and tidal energy industries, so that we can reap the commercial benefits of our innovative technologies. This means using tax incentives to attract investment, such as rebates for companies which sign power purchase agreements with marine power projects”.  

“In the clean, flexible energy system we’re building for the future, consumers are playing a much more active role in managing their energy, storing and generating their own power. To encourage homes, businesses and industries to do more of this, we’re asking the Government to maintain the export tariff for small-scale generation”. 

“This Budget is an opportunity for Government to provide certainty to businesses investing in the UK, to ensure we can continue to develop our world-class renewable energy sector”. 



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Policy & Markets

24 Oct | Discussed offshore wind in Japan

GCE NODE companies, Equinor and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy met with Nippon Foundation in Tokyo to discuss offshore wind collaboration.

Policy & Markets

18 Sep | Siemens Gamesa tailors SG 8.0-167 DD for Asia-Pacific markets

  • Proven technology tailored to fit local conditions in Taiwan and other Asia-Pacific markets
  • Accommodates local codes and standards regarding typhoons (T-Class certification), seismic activity, 60 Hertz operation, and is adapted to operate in both high and low ambient temperatures
  • For Taiwan: Design ready in 2019, installation ready in 2020
  • Established turbine and regional expertise

Policy & Markets

20 Jun | To give confidence to wind industry, Government of India declares national targets for off-shore wind power

  • Medium term target of 5 GW by 2022 and long term target of 30 GW by 2030 declared
  • Offshore wind power to add a new element to the already existing basket of renewable energy for the country

Policy & Markets

19 Jun | DNV GL partners with the EU and Government of India to bring offshore wind to the Indian market

Four-year study demonstrates feasibility and commercial viability of offshore wind in India and sets a global benchmark for offshore wind power.