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Reported by ACCIONA on 29 August 2019

The president of Chile visits the San Gabriel wind farm, being built by ACCIONA in La Araucanía

(Courtesy of ACCIONA, S.A.)

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera visited the San Gabriel wind farm that ACCIONA is building in the region of La Araucanía. The visit is part of the government’s ‘Impulso Araucanía’ (Boost Araucanía) plan that sets out to strengthen, reactivate and consolidate the region’s capacity to grow and create jobs and economic development opportunities.

During his visit, the Chilean President stated that this part of the region of La Araucanía “has enormous potential to produce energy from the wind, because winds are predictable, constant and blow at the times of day when they are most needed”. He added that the San Gabriel wind farm, together with other renewables initiatives being developed in the area, mean that the target of 700 MW installed in La Araucanía will be achieved.

With this wind farm ACCIONA is contributing 183 MW of capacity to the region and the country, producing emission-free energy equivalent to the consumption of 270,000 Chilean households.

ACCIONA General Manager of Energy, South America José Ignacio Escobar points out that “the San Gabriel wind farm is a highly emblematic project. It is the first of its kind in the country to use concrete towers, which has had a very positive impact on job creation in the area and the contracting of services from locally-based SMEs. We are very pleased that the President has decided to visit our project during this tour”.

The San Gabriel wind farm consists of 61 wind turbines. The construction work has been 85% completed and the entry into service of the wind farm is planned for the end of this year.



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Project Development & Execution

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Project Development & Execution

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