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Reported by PNE on 8 March 2019

PNE AG – Wind energy pioneer celebrates the 20th anniversary of its IPO

  • IPO as cornerstone of positive corporate development
  • New strategic orientation “scale-up” shows effect
  • International expansion of business progressing well
  • Renewable energies are basis for success

(Courtesy of PNE AG)

Cuxhaven, March 8, 2019 – PNE AG is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of its IPO. More than 20 years ago, the enterprise went public as "Plambeck Neue Energien AG" and thus laid the foundation for the successful development of the Company. Today, the brand “PNE” stands for "Pure New Energy" and clearly illustrates the innovative and broad business model in all areas of renewable energies.

"We have developed from a wind power pioneer into a full service provider for renewable energies. From wind power to photovoltaics to hydrogen applications and the storage of generated energy, we cover the essential areas of renewable energies," is how PNE’s CEO Markus Lesser describes the service portfolio of his enterprise. "We are respected for the special quality of our projects and the reliability in their implementation, both in Germany and internationally".

On the way to Clean Energy Solution Provider
The way for the future of PNE AG as a provider of integrated solutions for the generation and storage of clean energy is defined until 2023 by “Scale Up” strategy. Wind power continues to be an important component of PNE AG's business portfolio and remains its core field of activity. But by integrating and offering other forms of renewable energies, the Company's great know-how can be used even better, which will also have a positive effect on the economic development of PNE AG.

Positive international business expansion
The new strategy also has a positive international impact. The Group operates in 14 countries on three continents with a growing product portfolio and is committed to providing electricity from clean energies. With the recent expansion to Panama, PNE AG now has an interface to the South and Latin American market. The new location is the gateway to new wind power and photovoltaic projects on this sub-continent.

Renewable energies are basis for success
As a result of ongoing climatic changes and the political efforts to stop these changes, wind power and renewable energies will continue to gain in importance and replace electricity generated by nuclear power and fossil-fuel power plants.

The Group concentrates on clean and sustainable energies as well as on business activities with a focus on sustainable value creation. By expanding its service business, PNE will secure additional and consistent earnings.

"The realignment as a Clean Energy Solution Provider is the right decision and answer to the volatile markets. The extended business model offers solutions and alternatives, but also flexibility to react to changes in the markets. Thus, PNE AG presents itself as a spearhead in the markets of renewable energies", Markus Lesser sums up his ambitions.



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