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Reported by 50Hertz Transmission on 16 January 2019

New record: over 16,000 megawatts of wind power in 50Hertz grid

Feed-in record of New Year’s Day already broken

A glance into the Transmission Control Centre in Neuenhagen. Photo: Jan Pauls (Courtesy of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH)

Cyclone Florenz brought 50Hertz a new wind power feed-in record. On 13 January, at 8.45 pm, the system control centre of the transmission system operator for north-eastern Germany registered over 16,000 megawatts for the first time ever. The annual peak load in the 50 Hertz grid area is also around 16,000 megawatts. During this time, the grid area of 50Hertz could have been completely supplied with wind power and would have even exported energy.

“This figure has once more shown us that as a company, we and our neighbouring grids and partners are well prepared for such extreme situations. The grid can bear these loads,” stated Andreas John, Head of System Management at 50Hertz. His team at the Transmission Control Centre, the 50Hertz grid management hub in Neuenhagen near Berlin, had the situation under control at all times.

The record value is not least the result of last year’s increase in wind turbines within the 50Hertz control area. At the closing date (31 December 2018), preliminary figures indicated 19,400 megawatts of installed wind power capacity in this area, of which more than 1,000 were in the Baltic Sea.



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Policy & Markets

18 Jan | New onshore wind installations plummet in 2018

RenewableUK is today releasing new figures that new onshore wind installations fell by nearly 80% in 2018 to the lowest level since 2011. Last year 598MW of new onshore wind was installed, made up of 263 turbines at 54 sites, down from a record 2,666MW installed in 2017.

Policy & Markets

15 Jan | Restrictions on steel imports could jeopardise the EU’s 2030 renewables target

EU countries will discuss tomorrow a proposal from the European Commission on protective measures on steel imports to the EU. The EU will then vote on the measures, which aim to restrict steel imports from third countries to the EU until July 2021, on Friday.

Policy & Markets

02 Jan | New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Receives Applications for 1,100 MW Solicitation

Major Step Forward in Building New Jersey’s Offshore Wind Capacity

Policy & Markets

20 Dec | Wind Industry to hold Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan in April

The wind industry will hold the first Global Offshore Wind Summit in Taipei on 24-25 April.


08 Nov | Combined Grid Solution: Successful test of Offshore cable in the Baltic Sea

The Kriegers Flak – Combined Grid Solution has reached another important milestone: Yesterday, German 50Hertz and Danish Energinet have successfully accomplished the 24 hours tests of both of the offshore cables connecting the Danish platform of the Kriegers Flak windpark with the German platform Baltic 2. One after another, the two cables „150-kV-line KFE-BaZ 155“ und „150-kV-line KFE-BaZ 156“ were energised and are now ready to transport the electricity.


05 Oct | Few months delay in the construction of converter Station in Bentwisch

Danish Energinet and German 50Hertz establish the world’s first offshore interconnection by using the national grid connections to offshore wind-farms in the Baltic Sea.


06 Jul | Submarine Cable for Offshore-Interconnector installed

Milestone reached by linking the Danish and the German transmission grids