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Reported by James Fisher Marine Services on 7 January 2019

JFMS signs MoU with TIPC to explore port services in Taiwan

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the harbour port management company, Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd (TIPC), to explore port services in the country.

(Courtesy of James Fisher Marine Services Ltd)

TIPC is in charge of the seven major international commercial ports in the country including Taichung Port, which is the second largest in Taiwan. The collaboration will explore ways to broaden TIPC’s services and better meet the needs of Taiwan's emerging offshore wind industry.

President Chung Ying Feng, Taichung Port of TIPC, said:

“Based on the experience of established offshore wind markets in Europe and the US, we believe port services are an important base and gateway for its development. TIPC hopes to benefit from JFMS’s forward-looking approach to service integration and its proven expertise in the offshore wind industry to help us service this rapidly-growing market in Taiwan.”

TIPC has been actively involved in the planning and layout of the offshore wind industry for the last few years, in line with the government's green energy policy, and expects to complete Taichung Port’s first dedicated heavy-duty wharf for offshore wind turbine assembly by the middle of this year. The company is now evaluating the provision of wind turbine logistics and value-added services, such as operation and maintenance, and hopes to set the benchmark in East Asia for providing multi-functional port support services for the offshore wind industry.

Richard Beattie, regional director of JFMS Taiwan, said:

“James Fisher continues to expand internationally and is ideally placed to support the requirements of global offshore wind farm owner/operators due to its experience in deploying UK skills and expertise to emerging and fast-growing markets worldwide. We believe this partnership will provide TIPC with the platform to be the pioneers in providing port services for Taiwan's offshore wind power industry. Our proven experience in planning, designing, operating port management and ship refuelling services will help upgrade its integrated port services offer.”

Representatives from JFMS and TIPC signed the MoU during a formal ceremony held at the Offshore Wind Power Port Workshop, which was organised by the British Office Taipei.

Catherine Nettleton, representative of British Office Taipei, said:

“This is a landmark moment for Taiwan’s offshore wind market. The MoU is another good example of a win-win partnership between Taiwan and the UK – using the expertise of UK manufacturers, responsible for the world's largest offshore wind power market with an installed offshore turbine unit capacity of over 7.6 GW, to help Taiwan develop its local industry.”

JFMS, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has set up office in Taiwan where it will look to embed its industry-proven integrated services model, which offers a streamlined, efficient way of managing complex offshore wind projects.

The government in Taiwan aims to invest $23 billion on onshore and offshore wind projects by 2025, with the country’s offshore wind capacity set to expand to 5.5 GW.

Photographed (L-R) is Irene Tang, director at TIPC; David McIntosh, deputy head – renewables at Dept. for International Trade; Chung, Ying Feng, president at TIPC; Richard Beattie, regional director at JFMS Taiwan; Bruce Clements, offshore wind specialist – renewables at Dept. for International Trade; Lynn Li, head of infrastructure at UK Trade and Investment – Taiwan.



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