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Reported by Electricity Distribution Services (EDS HV Group) on 16 November 2018

EDS HV Group completes complex tap changer maintenance services for EDF Renewables UK

(Courtesy of Electricity Distribution Services Ltd.)

High voltage engineering specialist, EDS HV Group (EDS), part of the UK’s leading marine services company – James Fisher and Sons plc, has successfully completed on-load tap changer (OLTC) maintenance work on EDF Renewable’s (EDFR) 66kV/33kV substation transformers at Teesside Offshore Windfarm.

EDS are responsible for the operations and maintenance (O&M) of the High Voltage Network at the windfarm, with Teesside under the remit of the EDS’s 24/7 Control Centre. The requirement for the tap changer maintenance was identified as part EDS’s planned preventative maintenance programme for the HV network.

As industry experts will know, tap changer maintenance is a very complex and intricate operation and EDS were happy to provide the high level of skills that are required for such an operation.

Ryan Murphy, EDS’s Asset Manager said: Our planned preventative maintenance programme for the generator transformers at Teesside indicated that the condition of the oil within the tap changer compartments was deteriorating. EDF-R, recognising the criticality of their transformers were very proactive in bringing us in to carry out this work. At EDS, we pride ourselves on having highly skilled resources in-house to carry out such tasks, enabling us to provide an excellent and efficient turnkey solution to the client.”



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