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Reported by DNV GL on 19 October 2018

DNV GL and Goldwind join forces on development of digital certification tools

Companies signed Memorandum of Understanding to explore potential for automating common certification tasks

DNV GL and Goldwind at the handover of the digital ‘MyCertificate’ at China Wind Power 2018 (Courtesy of DNV GL AS)

DNV GL, the world’s largest resource of independent energy experts and certification body, and leading wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind have today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate on the development of digital tools to support the certification of wind turbines.

As the wind sector matures and many governments look to reduce or eliminate subsidies, the wind turbine market is increasingly competitive. International tendering is becoming the norm, with contracts often awarded to the supplier who can best configure their turbines to suit the specific site conditions in a short timeframe – including the proof of a valid turbine type certificate.

The MoU highlights DNV GL’s and Goldwind’s common belief that increased digitalization within the certification process is key to improving responsiveness and speed of the certification process while maintaining customer confidence in the quality and reliability of wind turbines. The MoU was officially signed at China Wind Power 2018 in a ceremony that also included the issuing of the first digital certificate to Goldwind from DNV GL’s recently launched MyCertificate, available on, DNV GL’s industry data platform. 

MyCertificate is the first digital certification solution for wind turbines, providing a real-time overview of all component variants used in a particular turbine type. Users can then immediately check the certification status of any custom configuration of a wind turbine type requested by their customer and generate a tailored certificate for that configuration. The self-generated certificate includes a QR code, allowing turbine customers to quickly and easily check the authenticity of the certificate.

In the MoU, DNV GL and Goldwind will work together to:
  • Develop common IT tools to improve the exchange of data and documentation
  • Enhance the functionality of DNV GL’s MyCertificate digital certification support app
  • Research possibilities for automating common certification tasks
“Digitalization is key to stay ahead in a competitive market environment. We chose DNV GL as our technology partner in this area as they share our vision for more digitally integrated services. Both parties believe that true digitalization has to be much more than just concepts, but should be solving real-life business case. 

Innovations such as Veracity and MyCertificate show that DNV GL is capturing the opportunities provided by digitalization with concrete business benefits, by linking it to their deep-rooted domain knowledge in the wind industry. These innovations perfectly match Goldwind’s endeavours in synergy optimization of the whole value chain via our strong digital platform,” said Wu Kai, Executive Vice President, at Goldwind.

“We are constantly looking for ways to adopt digital technologies such as our Veracity open industry platform to deliver more value for our customers and the industries they serve. Goldwind has already gone further than most in using IT tools to improve service for their customers. Their digital collaboration design platform – WindPortal – is among the firsts of its kind in providing comprehensive data service to all partners in the value chain. It provides a very interesting case for DNV GL’s digital ecosystem by connecting both parties’ platforms. Both companies believe the tools that will come out of this cooperation will give Goldwind a pole position in the tender processes,” said Kim Mørk, Executive Vice President, Renewables Certification at DNV GL.



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