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Reported by Deutsche Windtechnik on 25 September 2018

Deutsche Windtechnik is off to a successful start at the WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 – Long-term service contracts signed for 56 MW

Deutsche Windtechnik, Europe's leading independent provider of maintenance for wind turbines with more than 1,100 employees, and its customers are taking the opportunity to sign several long-term service contracts at the WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 trade fair (25 - 28.09.2018).

The contract with Saxovent was signed at the WindEnergy in Hamburg. From left: Boy Kliemann , Matthias Brandt (Deutsche Windtechnik), Carsten Paatsch (Saxovent), Steffen Schroth (windpunx). (Courtesy of Deutsche Windtechnik AG)

Deutsche Windtechnik – Europe's leading independent provider of maintenance for wind turbines with over 1,100 employees – and some of its customers are using the Hamburg WindEnergy 2018 trade fair (25-28.09.2018) to sign several long-term service contracts. Maintenance contracts for a total capacity of 56 MW were signed at the start of the fair, and further cooperation agreements will follow during the coming days.

"We are seeing once again this year that the combination of continuously increasing system competence together with the broad range of areas we have expertise in are a real advantage for our customers when it comes to selecting the right level of service," Matthias Brandt, Board Director at Deutsche Windtechnik said. "Our growing presence in countries throughout Europe and North America is also becoming more important for larger international customers. It enables us to develop maintenance concepts that not only cover multiple brands but also span multiple countries, onshore as well as offshore. This further increases the synergy effects. Working together with Deutsch Windtechnik opens up completely new opportunities for many large operators."

Full maintenance contract with the citizens' wind farm Sailershäuser Wald: ten Nordex N 117 turbines

Right at the beginning of the fair, Deutsche Windtechnik AG successfully concluded a full maintenance contract, including large components, for the Sailershäuser Wald wind farm. Stakeholders in the citizens' wind farm include Planet energy GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenpeace Energy eG, and Städtische Betriebe Haßfurt GmbH, which are also responsible for operational management. Deutsche Windtechnik will take over maintenance for the ten Nordex N 117 turbines immediately after the warranty period expires, and the contract term is 18 years.  "We have been working successfully with Deutsche Windtechnik since 2015. We have no doubt that independent service providers such as Deutsche Windtechnik enrich the competition in the service market as a whole and provide an important alternative to service by the manufacturer," said Julian Tiencken, project manager and authorised representative of Planet energy GmbH.

Full maintenance contract with Saxovent: ten Vestas V90 turbines

Also on Tuesday, Deutsche Windtechnik and the project developer and operator Saxovent Ökologische Investments GmbH & Co. KG, which has its headquarters in Berlin, agreed on a full service contract including large components for ten Vestas V90 turbines installed at the Große-Welle and Crussow wind farms. "The long-standing cooperation between Saxovent and Deutsche Windtechnik has developed into a stable and proven partnership. Together, we are developing the right maintenance solutions for individual wind farm requirements," said Saxovent founder and managing director Carsten Paatsch.

Another contract for nine AN Bonus 1300 turbines was also signed at the trade fair.



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Operation & Maintenance

20 Dec | innogy signs long-term service contract with Senvion for its 295 MW offshore wind park Nordsee Ost

Senvion has been awarded a four-year service contract of innogy SE for the Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm following a competitive tender process. Senvion has been responsible for the service of the in total 48 wind turbines since their installation in 2014.

Operation & Maintenance

17 Dec | New concept improves wind turbine inspections

Cheaper, faster and more precise. The joint venture between ESVAGT and Wind Power LAB reduces both weather risk and expenses related to drone inspections of offshore wind turbines.

Operation & Maintenance

26 Nov | London Array Limited selects James Fisher to provide the complete maintenance solution

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has secured a trio of milestone contracts on London Array 175 turbine 630 MW wind farm – one of the largest in Europe.

Operation & Maintenance

15 Oct | Semco Maritime wins service contract for Deutsche Bucht

Semco Maritime has been awarded a 5-year service contract for the Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm, owned by Northland Power. Alongside, Semco Maritime doubles staffing at offshore centre in Norddeich due to increasing activity.

Business & Finance

06 Nov | Deutsche Windtechnik is opening a business unit in Taiwan – First major service contract for Yunlin offshore wind farm

Deutsche Windtechnik continues to expand its worldwide service network and is establishing a new regional unit in Taiwan. At the offshore wind farm Yunlin, Deutsche Windtechnik Co. Ltd. will be in charge of a large part of wind turbine maintenance above and below water as well as technical management.

04 Jun | Deutsche Windtechnik welcomes polar researcher Arved Fuchs and his crew at the Butendiek offshore wind farm

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, the polar researcher and author Arved Fuchs visited the Butendiek wind farm as part of his research expedition "Ocean Change - Turn the Page", which started in Hamburg on May 30. The sailing ship and its crew were welcomed by Carl Rasmus Richardsen, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH. Arved Fuchs and his team received detailed information about the use of offshore wind energy during a tour of the substation, which Deutsche Windtechnik provides maintenance for. In particular, this included issues relating to technology, operation, maintenance and the environmental sustainability of offshore wind energy.