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Reported by Ørsted on 26 October 2018

Ørsted Partners with Taiwan Research Institutions to Launch Dual-doppler Radar Project

Ørsted introduces the world’s only dual-doppler radar system applied to wind power in Taiwan.

Ørsted launched a Dual-doppler radar project and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with four academic and research institutions to build a comprehensive network of knowledge sharing for meteorological development in Taiwan. (Courtesy of Ørsted A/S)

Global offshore wind leader Ørsted, today launched a Dual-doppler radar project. This project aims to collect wind data to understand the dynamics of a typhoon and tropical weather phenomena and how they can affect an offshore wind farm. Ørsted also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Taiwan University, National Central University, Chinese Culture University and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to build a comprehensive network of knowledge sharing for meteorological development in Taiwan. The aim is to support the Taiwanese Government in reaching its meteorological research goals.

Ørsted’s Dual-doppler Radar System is the most advanced technology of wind measurement available. It is also the only system of its kind that is applied to offshore wind farms in the world. Having successfully operated at Ørsted’s Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm in the United Kingdom, the Dual-doppler radar system will be deployed to Taiwan after all necessary approvals have been received by the authorities.

The dual-doppler project is a global flagship project for Ørsted with a team across thirteen time zones from Texas to Taipei. With this project, Ørsted lays the foundation of comprehensive knowledge sharing and strong collaboration between local and international experts. The Taiwanese public will also profit from the extensive research on typhoons, wind conditions and the collaboration between industry, research institutions and governmental bodies.

Matthias Bausenwein, Ørsted’s General Manager Asia Pacific said: “The Dual-doppler Radar Project is part of our extensive plan to promote the local collaboration with academic institutions and bodies. This project will also bring more local content to Taiwan, as we will need local construction companies and local consultants to deliver the project. By bringing the most advanced wind measurement tool to Taiwan, the industry and academia can build a strong platform to further develop technical capabilities in offshore wind.”

Ørsted’s dual-doppler project is an open collaboration which welcomes relevant bodies in the meteorological research community and universities to improve the understanding of typhoons and strengthen the understanding of wind energy in Taiwan. At the same time, Taiwan research institutions have a unique opportunity to conduct world leading research in wind energy through the analysis of the data collected from the dual-doppler project.



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Business & Finance

02 Jan | Establishment permit and power purchase agreement delayed on Taiwanese offshore wind projects

In April 2018, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs awarded Ørsted the right to install 900MW offshore wind from its Changhua 1 and 2a projects in 2021.

Business & Finance

13 Dec | Ørsted selects Taiwanese and international banks for financing Greater Changhua projects

Global offshore wind leader Ørsted is dedicating all efforts in developing the first 900MW Greater Changhua projects and has announced today that Bank of Taiwan, Cathay United Bank and BNP Paribas have been appointed as lead arrangers for its targeted five-year NT$ twenty-five billion syndicated revolving credit facility. The deal is expected to be signed during first quarter of 2019 and aim at having at least 10 banks in the final deal, mostly local banks.

Project Development & Execution

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  • Total offshore cable length of 467 km, around the same distance from London to Newcastle
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Business & Finance

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