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Nordex N117/2400

Onshore/Offshore Onshore
Wind class IEC IIIA
Rated power 2,400 kW
Cut-in wind speed 3.00 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 20.00 m/s
Gearbox type 3-stage gearbox (planetary-planetary-spur gear) or 4-stage gearbox (planetary-planetary-differential-spur gear)
Nominal rotational speed 11.80 rpm
Rotational speed 7.5-13.2 rpm
Tip speed 72.00 m/s
Number of blades 3
Rotor diameter 116.80 m
Swept area 10,715 m2
Speed control Variable via microprocessor
Overspeed control Pitch angle
Type Tubular steel tower, hybrid tower (141 m)
Hub height 91.0 / 120.0 / 141.0 m
Gear system
Generator type Double fed asynchronous generator
Grid feed Via IGBT converter
Generator - Voltage 660.00 VAC
Nominal frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Generator - Cooling system Liquid/air cooling
Control & Safety
Main brake Aerodynamic brake (Pitch)
Holding brake Disk brake
Control PLC controlled
Distance control Remote-controlled surveillance system
Lightning protection Fully compliant with EN 62305
Dimensions & Weight

Power coefficient



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