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Senvion S.A.

Senvion is a leading global manufacturer of onshore and offshore wind turbines. The company develops, produces and markets wind turbines for almost any location – with rated outputs of 2 MW to 6.15 MW and rotor diameters of 82 metres to 152 metres.

Designation Onshore/Offshore Wind class Rated power Rotor diameter
MM100 Onshore S (based on IIIA), IIB 2,000 kW 100.00 m
MM82 Onshore IA, S (based on IA) 2,050 kW 82.00 m
MM92 Onshore S, IIA 2,050 kW 92.50 m
2.3M120 Onshore S, IIIA 2,330 kW 120.00 m
2.3M124 Onshore S, IIIA 2,330 kW 124.00 m
2.4M110 Onshore S 2,430 kW 109.00 m
2.4M114 Onshore S 2,430 kW 113.00 m
3.4M104 Onshore IB, IIA 3,400 kW 104.00 m
3.4M122 Onshore S (based on IIA), S (based on IIIA) 3,400 kW 122.00 m
3.6M114 Onshore S (based on IB), IIA 3,600 kW 114.00 m
3.6M140 Onshore S (based on IIB), IIIA 3,600 kW 140.00 m
6.2M126 OFFSHORE Offshore S (based on IB) 6,150 kW 126.00 m
6.2M152 ONSHORE Onshore S 6,150 kW 152.00 m
6.2M152 OFFSHORE Offshore S 6,150 kW 152.00 m
6.2M126 ONSHORE Onshore S (based on IB) 6,150 kW 126.00 m



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22 Oct | Senvion awarded major ISP contract with SSE to service four wind farms in Scotland

Full life ISP contract for SSE's Gordonbush, Achany, Fairburn and Strathy North wind farms


19 Sep | Senvion secures long-term service contract extension in Australia

Further cooperation confirms success of strategic focus on service maintenance


10 Sep | Senvion signs 2nd contract in August for the US market

Senvion and Heritage Sustainable Energy have executed an 80 MW agreement for the supply and delivery of Garden II. The first 20 MW are already firm followed by a conditional 60 MW. The agreement includes a 21 year full service contract.


21 Aug | Senvion signs conditional contract in USA for 275 MW

Third large-scale order for 4.2M140 turbine within a month