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Nordex SE

Nordex is the top 6 manufacturer with more than 21 GW globally installed capacity. The product range comprises onshore turbines in the 1.5 to 4.5 MW class. With the N149/4.0-4.5 of the Delta4000 series, the group further reduces the cost of energy and caters for client’s requirements of maximum flexibility.

Designation Onshore/Offshore Wind class Rated power Rotor diameter
N117/2400 Onshore IIIA 2,400 kW 116.80 m
N90/2500 Onshore IA 2,500 kW 90.00 m
N100/2500 Onshore IIA 2,500 kW 99.80 m
N100/3300 Onshore IA 3,300 kW 99.80 m
N131/3300 Onshore IIIA 3,300 kW 131.00 m
N117/3600 Onshore IIA 3,600 kW 116.80 m
N131/3600 Onshore S 3,600 kW 131.00 m
N131/3900 Onshore S 3,900 kW 131.00 m
N149/4.5 Onshore S 4,500 kW 149.10 m



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20 May | Nordex Group presents new turbine in the Delta4000 series for less complex sites

• N155/4.5 optimizes performance for large growth markets with fewer siting restrictions

03 May | The Nordex Group receives order for the second construction phase of the "Syvash" project in Ukraine

The order has now also been awarded for the final construction phase of the "Syvash" wind farm with 113.1 MW in Ukraine: the Nordex Group has received an order to supply a further 29 turbines from the N131/3900 series.

02 Apr | Nordex Group wins another major order for 157.5 MW with N149 turbine

35 turbines of the Delta4000 series for Australia

01 Apr | Nordex Group receives big-ticket contract for Delta4000 Turbines in Argentina

Power producer orders 38 turbines with a combined capacity of 166 MW