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ENERCON has been one of the technology leaders in the wind power sector for 30 years. As the first manufacturer of wind turbines, the company used a gearless drive concept that’s characteristic of all ENERCON wind turbines. The product portfolio comprises wind turbines with outputs from 800 to 4,200 kilowatts.
Designation Onshore/Offshore Wind class Rated power Rotor diameter
E-44 Onshore IA 900 kW 44.00 m
E-70 E4 Onshore IA, IIA 2,300 kW 71.00 m
E-92 Onshore IIA 2,350 kW 92.00 m
E-115 Onshore IIA 3,000 kW 115.70 m
E-101 E2 IA 3,500 kW 101.00 m
E-126 IA 7,580 kW 127.00 m



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